Areas of Expertise

Electoral Processes

International IDEA provides support for making electoral administration more professional.

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Constitution Building Processes

International IDEA supports inclusive and participatory constitution-building processes.

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Political Parties, Participation and Representation

Representative democracy cannot function properly without parties.

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Democracy and Development

International IDEA aims to strengthen political institutions to deliver on development.

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Crosscutting themes

Issues and themes that cut across all areas of International IDEA's work.

Democracy Assessments / Methodologies

International IDEA’s State of Democracy assessment methodology is a tool intended for use by citizens to assess the quality of their democracy, and define priority areas for policy and democratic reform.

State of Democracy Website

State of Democracy

Policy level

International IDEA contributes to policy development designed to provoke policy change of global and multilateral actors in support of sustainable democracy.

State of Democracy Website

International IDEA at the UN

State of Democracy Website

EU Presidency / Global Consultations Project