A Framework for Developing Gender Policies for Political Parties

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Language: English
Pages: 21
ISBN: 978-91-7671-063-0
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This Framework outlines key considerations for developing a party’s gender policy, and addresses a variety of thematic areas essential for the advancement of women and promotion of gender equality within political parties, including leadership formation, internal decision making, internal oversight and institutional development, candidate recruitment, party programmes and platform development, outreach to voters, and campaigns.

1. Introduction 

2. Why gender equality matters for a political party 

3. Rationale for a gender policy for a political party 

4. Initiating and developing a gender policy 

5. Key components of a gender policy for a political party 

6. Formulating the specific objectives of a gender policy 

7. Timeframe, oversight of implementation of a gender policy 

8. Conclusions 

Annex A. International standards and commitments 

Annex B. Key concepts and definitions 

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