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Are you interested in how money in politics is controlled and regulated? Do you want to know how countries limit political parties’ and electoral candidates’ dependence on large donations or give equal access to public funds?

International IDEA’s database on Political Finance is a leading source of comparative information on political finance regulations. It includes laws and regulations from 180 individual countries. Read more

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Policy brief: Money in Politics:

About the database:

The database answers 43 questions on political finance within four broad categories:

1. Bans and limits on private income

The first section looks at bans on who can contribute to political parties and candidates and how these donations are limited.

2. Public funding

The second section covers the provision of direct and indirect public funding available to political parties and candidates.

3. Regulations of spending

The third section deals with the rules for how much and on what political parties and candidates can spend money.

4. Reporting, oversight and sanctions

The fourth section addresses the requirements for financial reporting, oversight of political finance regulations and the sanctions available for breaches.

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