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Constitution Building Processes

Political change requires that constitutional challenges are handled with skill and attentive expertise. Poorly resolved constitution building can multiply national problems, magnify the costs of transitions and increase factors contributing to more conflict. The key is consolidating democratic constitutional governance, benefiting all citizens.

Work Programme

Together with local, regional and global partners, the Constitution Building programme raises awareness of the role constitution-building processes play in managing conflict and consolidating democracy.

The work involves:

  • Providing technical assistance to national actors engaged in processes of constitution building;
  • Providing knowledge and capacity-building resources that individuals and groups can use to strengthen their participation, and its quality, in processes of constitution building;
  • Facilitating access to lesson learning in comparative contexts so that national, regional and international actors have more options to consider in dealing with different constitutional issues;
  • Servicing a global community of constitution building practitioners through physical and virtual spaces for dialogue.

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Supporting Constitution Builders Globally

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