You are involved in democracy building debates…

Here you will find International IDEA analysis, opinions, speeches, policy papers and assessments results on:

  • What really works to boost women’s participation in politics - why affirmative action measures are not enough
  • Why civic education money should not be wasted on people who have voted in every election for the last fifteen years
  • Why citizens abroad should be allowed to vote in national elections – or not
  • How to make political party assistance less vulnerable to accusations of undue foreign interference and a true step towards enhancing democracy
  • Why constitution building is not just a legal matter

And much more...

You are involved in development assistance debates

  • Does democracy help build the environment for government which delivers services to its citizens effectively?
  • How to move away from spending money to support election day and towards supporting sustainable and credible long term electoral administration
  • How to kick start a democratic reform agenda, based on citizens’ own assessment of democracy
  • Do pro-democracy initiatives work? – and how to assess their impact

And much more...

democracy in development

Global consultations on the EU's role in democracy building

International IDEA & the UN

In 2003, International IDEA was granted observer status to the United Nations and has since then established an office in New York of the permanent observer to the UN.

International IDEA at the UN

Analysis & Policy

International IDEA contributes to policy development designed to provoke policy change for democracy building and democracy support. Our analysis & policy section includes:

  • Policy papers
  • Speeches
  • Working papers
  • Editorials

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